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5 Reasons Wool Hats Win This Winter (and every winter)!

  1. It's Humane! Wool is a renewable resource that does not necessitate harm to the animal for its use. In fact, Baad Hatter buys wool fiber from sources that obtain their fleece from non-mulesed sheep who are gently and humanely raised. When the sheep need a haircut, you get a hat! Win-win!

  2. It's Warm (and Cool) Wool is insulating in both cold and hot weather. Just like on the sheep, wool will keep your head both warm in winter and cool in summer. Now THAT'S cool!

  3. It's long-lasting! There's a reason wool hats endure the test of time. Felted wool is strong, durable, water resistant, and when it inevitably loses its shape (hello, my dog sat on my hat) a little steam and a bit of starch and - like magic - it's back to it's new looking self!

  4. It's Historic! For as long as people have shepherded sheep, people have worn clothing made from wool. The art of hand felting has roots in the Middle East, throughout India and Nepal, and all over Europe. Wool is part of human heritage. Wear it well, my friend!

  5. It's green! Like the grass on which sheep graze, wool is a green way to look great. Wool is minimally processed (cleaned, combed, hand-dyed) and hand felted with pure olive oil soap one item at a time - the way people used to make everything before factories and whatnot. Imperfections and all, a truly handmade product from the fiber to the forehead, hand crafted wool hats really are green art for your head. And, though it isn't likely, if you ever tire of your hand-felted hat - well - it's 100% biodegradable so go ahead - set it out in the garden and let the birds make nests from the fiber. They'll thank you for it.

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